Data requirements

Tier-1 Accounts User profiles and usage events

  • Accounts and user profiles

    • Link your segment account or send directly via our tracking API
      • Some details on common fields that we expect in the data to add maximum value
  • Mapping of entities across data sources: when multiple data sources collect information on the same physical user or account, a map of entities across these different sources must be provided, i.e. the map would say, “this account in Salesforce is this user group in the product”.

Accessing your data: how we connect to your data

We connect to your data in the following ways:

  1. Streaming event sources like Segment (no engineering lift; requires setting up Hyperengage as a destination in the sources admin panel)
    1. HE receives events directly from Segment or another Webhook and stores them in our own data warehouse.
    2. The customer must OAuth into Segment and configure Hyperengage as a destination (takes 1-2 minutes).
    • 📌 QUICK START: Instructions for Connecting Segment
  1. Application sources like Salesforce, Stripe, etc (COMING SOON) (no engineering lift; require user credentials to these applications)
    1. Hyperengage will pull data directly from these sources using ETL and store it in our own data warehouse.
    2. The customer must provide an API token or walk through an OAuth flow.

Details on data requirements

Expected key fields that we look for in the data to unify across multiple sources

  1. Account profiles
  • company_bio: A brief description or background of the company.
  • name: (Required) The official name of the company or account.
  • account_id: (Required) A unique identifier for the account.
  • website: The official website URL of the company.
  • industry: The industry or sector the company operates in.
  • avatar_url: The URL for the company’s logo or avatar. ( if you dont provide one our system will auto enrich one based on name, website etc)
  • mrr: Monthly Recurring Revenue for the account.
  • created_at: The date and time when the account was created.
  • trial_expiry_date: The date when the trial period for the account expires.
  • trial_start_date: The date when the trial period for the account started.
  • is_trial: A boolean indicating whether the account is on a trial. True if on trial, otherwise False.
  • next_renewal_date: The date when the account’s subscription or plan is set to renew.
  • plan_name: The name of the subscription or service plan the account is on.

Additional Data Requirements

Common Principles for Data

  • All accounts are categorized in a subscribed bucket by default.
  • If the is_trial field is set to True:
    • The account is categorized in the trial bucket.
    • It’s recommended to also set the fields trial_expiry_date and trial_start_date to activate specific signals and automations.
  • If the is_churned field is set to True, the account is marked as churned.
  • The created_at field is interpreted as the Signup_date.
  • Custom traits can be sent based on the following:
    • Allowed data types: number, boolean, timestamp (UTC timestamp with timezone string), float, and arrays (either of strings or numbers).
    • Nested objects are not allowed.

User Profile Expected Fields

  • Users (Profile of the user): Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
    • user_id *
    • first_name *
    • last_name *
    • email
    • created_at *

Pre defined user fields

  • name
  • first_name
  • last_name
  • avatar
  • created_at
  • key_user
  • description
  • email
  • title
  • username
  • linkedin_url
  • is_active (Note: If is_active is set to False, the user will be marked as inactive.)

Events Data

  • Events (Actions performed by the user)
    • Event name
    • timestamp
    • user_id
    • account_id
    • Event ID: A unique ID to identify the specific event.
    • Other event properties (Optional): JSON of any event properties you wish to send.
      • Allowed data types for properties: Number, Boolean, Timestamp with timezone UTC string, and arrays (either of strings or numbers).